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Hey every one it is Lauren (awesomeagcrafts) and I am so sorry I have not been on my website in a while but now I am back! Please check out every once in a while to see if there is anything new! Thanks! Lauren (awesomeagcrafts) <3 July 16 2012

American girl doll cd pictures in scale
Use these images How to make cd's for your ag doll. Follow the instructions
american girl doll cd's.docx
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                         How to make cd's for your ag doll

1. Google a name of a cd.

2.Find the front back and the cd images.

3. Copy paste it to microsoft word.

4. Get it about the right size for your doll.

5. Print it.

6.Cut the images out.

7. Tape or glue ONE SIDE then the top and the bottom.

8. Slid the cd in.

9. Give it to your doll to rock out!

(You can cover it in clear packing tape if you want to that's how I did it.)

american girl doll stardoll magazine
Make a magazine that I made. Enjoy!
stardoll magazine.docx
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                      How to curl your ag dolls hair

1. Mist your dolls hair

2. Brush your dolls hair

3.Get some culers (ag doll curlers work best) and curl each section

4. Wait a while (at least 2 hours)

5.Take the curlers off an there you go!

This is a cool poster to put in your ag doll room that I made.

AG doll poster I made
awesomeagcrafts poster.docx
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